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game_lyrical's Journal

Video Game Lyrical Icontest
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Welcome to game_lyrical, a lyrical icon challenge. This challenge is dedicated to video or computer games only. Any game, regardless of genre, is welcome.

Every week, a new song will be posted, and it's your job to use those provided song lyrics to make an icon. Should you happen to win, our hardworking team of banner makers will present you with a banner displaying your winnings.

Sound like fun? I certainly hope so. If this is the challenge for you, then by all means, join and begin competing today!

  ■ You MUST be a member in order to participate.
  ■ You may submit up to two icons per challenge.
  ■ Your icon(s) must use a minimum of three consecutive words from the provided lyrics.
  ■ All icons must be newly made, and should not have been displayed anywhere previously.
  ■ Icons must be compatible to Livejournal's current standards: up to 100x100 in pixels and 40 KB in file size.
  ■ Don't use fanart on your avatar. Doujinshi art is ok.
  ■ If you've participated in a challenge, you're NOT allowed to vote for your own.
  ■ Do not get your friends to vote for you. The purpose is to keep this challenge fair.
  ■ Don't steal any of the icons made here! If a challenge is done and you wish to use an avatar, please let the maker know!
  ■ Enjoy participating in the challenge in any way, either by submitting or voting, of course!

This challenge, like most icontests, occurs weekly. Every Sunday night a new theme will be given, and you'll be given until the following Sunday night to submit. Voting begins once the submission period closes. Please post your submission to the theme entry of that week. All comments will be screened so your submission will remain private. Make sure your image host has direct linking capabilities!

Fortunately, once I've received the icon, I'll upload the avatar onto my account so people wouldn't cheat and know who had made the icon.

Format goes, as follows:

URL: http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f70/layouts_ahoy/game_lyrical/commicon.png
Video Game: Vagrant Story
Character(s): Ashley Riot and Callo Merlose

Once submitting has been closed, voting will commence from Sunday night to Tuesday night. A new theme will also be put up soon after submitting has be closed. In order to vote, you must be a member. Once the voting is closed, winners will be announced soon after. You will not be allowed to vote for your own avatar.

Awards will be given out in the following categories:
First Place
Second Place
Third Place

The following are the special awards, which aren't always given out:
Most Lyrical: The avatar with best lyric representation.
Mod's Choice: The avatar which appealed to me the most.

Other special awards are occasionally given out as well.

Week 1: winners [good charlotte - predictable]
Week 2: winners [switchfoot - stars]
Week 3: winners [led zeppelin - stairway to heaven]
Week 4: winners [kelly clarkson - general]
Week 5: winners [lifehouse - hanging by a moment]
Week 6: winners [box car racer - there is]
Week 7: winners [abba - dancing queen]
Week 8: winners [deciding tonight - an old-fashioned ghost story]
Week 9: winners [october project - after the fall]
Week 10: winners [golden earring - twilight zone]
Week 11: winners [frou frou - holding out for a hero]
Week 12: winners [underoath - i've got ten friends and a crowbar that says you ain't gonna do jack]
Week 13: winners [poe - haunted]
Week 14: winners [the juliana theory - this is a lovesong for the loveless]
Week 15: winners [katatonia - omerta]
Week 16: winners [k's choice - shadowman]
Week 17: winners [ddr (okuyatos) - kind lady]
Week 18: winners [adema - immortal]
Week 19: winners [keane - a bad dream]
Week 20: winners [the fray - over my head (cable car)]
Week 21: winners [garbage - metal heart]
Week 22: winners [monty python - always look on the bright side of life]
Week 23: winners [jack's mannequin - bruised]
Week 24: winners [regina spektor - prisoners]
Week 25: winners [the cardigans - my favourite game]
Week 26: winners [in flames - dead alone]
Week 27: winners [voltaire - when you're evil]
Week 28: winners [jean-jacques burnel - we were lovers]
Week 29: winners [behind crimson eyes - nightmare on apparition]
Week 30: winner [strung out - bring out your dead]
Week 31: winners [kazzer - ordinary]
Week 32: winners [the vincent black shadow - metro]
Week 33: winners [queen - bohemian rhapsody]
Week 34: winners [gorillaz - feel good inc.]

Current Banner Makers:
divine_midnight - Week 32
mashimero - Week 33
yumari - Week 34
hocus - Week 35

ATTENTION BANNER MAKERS! For a more detailed banner making schedule, please check this post!

To apply as a banner-maker, please comment to this post.

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To become an affiliate, apply here.

Have a theme idea of your own? Why not suggest it here.

Care to share your game_lyrical love? Want to help us pimp out the comm? (Everyone loves pimping!) Well, with the help of the banner below, now you can! Simply copy and paste the code below anywhere you're intending to post the banner.

This community is maintained by hocus and divine_midnight and alienbob21.

If you need to get in touch with any of the mods...
Email hocus at becbet@msn.com
Email divine_midnight at divinemidnight@gmail.com or
Email alienbob21 at alienbob21@gmail.com