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[Mod Post]

Attention members:

First off, I apologize if you have to see this twice; it's being posted both here and at game_hush, and since quite a number of you are members of both, you're getting double the spam.

In any case, I've been thinking for some time about ways to not only boost participation but also to make this contest more exciting and interesting for all of you. Unfortunately, I am really not all that creative. ^^; However, what I came up with will not only make things easier on me as a mod, but also be appealing to all of you, as well.

What I was thinking of was combining both game_lyrical and game_hush into a single community (kind of like what happened with anime_hush and anime_chorus a while back, for those of you who remember). Things will run just about the same as they have been, except that there will be two themes per post (a lyrical and a hush theme) instead of just one. This doesn't mean you'll have to submit to both themes or anything, but you will certainly have that option. ^^ (For a working example of what I'm talking about, see anime_medley.)

In addition, submission times will also be changing (probably to a Sunday-Sunday submission period) so I'll be able to make post deadlines on time, instead of keeping you all hanging all weekend as I have been. If anyone has major issues with this though, feel free to speak up!

However, because I want to make sure everyone's okay with the idea I'm putting it to a vote. (The whole thing was to make things easier/more interesting for you guys, anyway. ^^) So really all I'm asking is that everyone please, please respond to this post with either a simple YES (for "Go ahead, community fuse away!") or NO (for "You and your community fusing are silly; I want my icontests separate!") If you have any comments or suggestions, or you just feel like chatting, feel free to do that as well! All comments will be screened for privacy.

In the meantime, there's still Week 32 awaiting submissions. Also, if you have any questions reading this post and you'd rather direct them to me in person, you can also email me at [becbet @ msn.com].

Thanks for reading and putting up with all the rambling. ^^
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