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[Mod Post - Banners]

I've been intending to make this post for nearly two months now, but haven't had the spare time until today. In any case, this be a more detailed banner-making schedule than the one in the user info; it not only contains banners that have yet to be completed (and the banner makers assigned to those weeks), but I'm also going to try to keep up with a list of completed banners to make banner posts easier to find (on the off chance winners somehow happened to miss them when they were first posted).

Incomplete Banners:
Week 16 - Shadowman (_joha)
Week 17 - Kind Lady (hocus)
Week 19 - A Bad Dream (_joha)
Week 20 - Over My Head (Cable Car) (hocus)
Week 22 - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (_joha)
Week 23 - Bruised (hocus)
Week 27 - When You're Evil (hocus)
Week 29 - Nightmare on Apparition (_joha)
Week 31 - Ordinary (hocus)

Complete Banners:
Week 08 - An Old-Fashioned Ghost Story
Week 09 - After the Fall
Week 10 - Twilight Zone
Week 11 - Holding Out for a Hero
Week 12 - I've Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack
Week 13 - Haunted
Week 14 - Lovesong for the Loveless
Week 15 - Omerta
Week 18 - Immortal
Week 21 - Metal Heart
Week 24 - Prisoners
Week 25 - My Favorite Game
Week 28 - We Were Lovers
Week 30 - Bring Out Your Dead
Week 32 - Metro
Week 33 - Bohemian Rhapsody
Week 34 - Feel Good Inc.

IN ADDITION: divine_midnight suggested a very smart thing, that smart thing being to ask all those to whom banners were due whether or not they wanted a banner. So: IF YOU ARE OWED A BANNER FOR ANY WEEK, AND YOU WOULD STILL LIKE THAT BANNER, COMMENT TO THIS POST. You don't have to say what week or how many banners you're owed or anything, but if you want banners, please do comment saying so. It's no problem to make anyone banners, but if you personally have no use of them, letting us know would decrease our work load tremendously. ^^
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I would still like my banner. ^^
I would like banners please~

Deleted comment

you're help is most definitely needed, though i don't want to push any extra work on you if i can help it. but, in the interest of helping you avoid homework (lol, procrastinators unite!) i think it probably wouldn't hurt if you hacked away at a few of _joha's banners. (she's said she can do them, but she hasn't really...done any...) and in any case, i don't think she'd mind if you stole a few banners. ;)

and, i guess just post whatever banners directly into the comm, as the chances of people seeing them would be higher.

and i just finished a banner of yours actually. ^^; it's just one, but i'm slowly making progress!

Deleted comment

i was thinking that myself... i just, well, i have an idea of how to (hopefully) up participation, as well as making things easier (hopefully) on the mods, but i'm not exactly sure people would go for it. if i remember, i'll email you about it in more detail later today.

in the meantime, thanks so much for all your hard work! i really don't think i'd be able to keep this comm running without you. ♥
I would stil like banners please ^^
I would like my banner (I think I only placed once here) . . . BUT if you are really super busy & the banner thing is bringing you down, feel free to skip mine. Because I KNOW what that's like. Agh. Banner backlog = no fun.
not many people are actually claiming banners (as of now, anyway), so it shouldn't be a problem to make yours. (of course, it's not making them that's the problem, it's forcing myself to make time to make them that's gotten me so behind.) but thanks, regardless. ^^