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[Mod Post] Housekeeping

The old affiliates post was under bevly's name, so I wasn't receiving email notifications of requests. Thus: new affiliates post. If you would like to affiliate, or to merely point out that you used to be on the affiliates list, but for one reason or another, aren't anymore, please comment to this post. I'll get back to you asap. ^^

Should this contest eventually get back on it's feet, I am willing to provide banners myself. However, since a member suggested having banner makers in the first place, I thought I'd leave it open for anyone who would like to make banners to, well, make them. Prior experience would be nice, but isn't really mandatory, provided you can supply sample banner examples. If you would like to apply, just comment to this post with either a sample banner or a link to some banners you've done before. I'm not too picky at all, I'd just like to know you know what you're doing. ^^
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